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Counselling and Therapeutic Services

Meet Angela 

Your co-collaborator and facilitator for inner exploration and growth work

Meet Angie 

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The Personal  


Angie is a mamma to a teen, a tween. and youngling. 


She is an awakening soul and lover of freedom. Enjoying tinkering with creative projects, pottering outside, amateur herbalism and foraging, walking, doodling, dancing, and reading.  She also likes to attend workshops and circles, keeping an inner space alive for the sacred and spiritual. 


Angie sees her work as a therapist as her vocation. She loves what she does. 


She is curious about further developing her skill set to offer work with groups online and in-person around themes of inner enquiry, spirituality, and creativity.

Summary of Credentials:

Angie is a BACP registered Integrative Counsellor (56776), an EFT Practitioner, Art-as Process Licensed Facilitator, and a Holistic Therapist trained in Holy Fire Reiki, Therapeutic Sound, and Shamanic Process. She works with individuals and groups across a wide range of life issues. 

Offering over 15 years of training and experience supporting people in transformational spaces in the fields of creative expressive therapies, counselling and psychotherapy, psycho-spiritual development, eco-therapy, emotional freedom techniques, focusing, focusing oriented expressive-arts, women's circles, and creative consciousness coaching.

Angie holds a diploma in Creative and Expressive Therapy with a specialisation in the Arts, a Counselling Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Counselling, levels 1-4 in both Focusing and FOAT/Focusing-Oriented Expressive-Arts, and a Professional Certificate in Coaching skills from an ICF ACTP credentialed program. Angie is currently working towards her CCTP, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Certification. 

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