Walk and Talk - frequently asked questions

How long is a walk and talk session?

Walk and talk sessions are offered in line with a traditional 50 minute counselling and therapy session. However, you may want to consider scheduling a longer session as people often report that the time goes more quickly when walking. If you want to stay outdoors for that little extra and deepen into the conversation, I also offer a 75 minute session.

How much does a walk and talk session cost?

Walk and Talk for 1 hour is charged at £55 per session when paid per session. I can offer a 10% discount for a block of x10 hour long sessions. x10 Walk and Talk Sessions are charged at £500 when booked and paid for upfront. Walk and Talk for 1.5 hours is charged at £80 per session when paid per session. I can offer an attractive 15% discount for a block of x10 1.5 hour long sessions. x10 1.5 hour long sessions are charged at £680.00 when booked and paid for upfront.

How shall I pay for my session?

Payment can be accepted on the day of our session in cash. Payments by bank transfer will have to reach me at least one day before our session is scheduled. If you are taking advantage of the block booking discount this will have to be paid in advance of our start date.

I am not very fit, can I still book a walk and talk session?

If you have health concerns please consult with your doctor. The focus of walk and talk sessions is not on how fast, or how far you can walk, but on 'you', on your process and what you are comfortable with. You set the pace of walking. Also it is important to add that despite the name of the session there is no requirement to walk all the time, you can also take time to pause, sit or take in the scenery. It is your time.

I am interested, how do I book?

The first step is to book your 30 minute initial consultation, this is charged at £20. If we decide to work together we will schedule a time to begin our Walk and Talk Sessions.

What about the weather?

Usually, the first therapy session takes place in my therapy room where we will decide what weather conditions we can reasonably work with together and what we will do if the weather is bad. I am not dettered by a few drops of rain. However, if the weather does present a problem I will offer to move the session indoors where possible.