Creative Processes (Creative Expressive Therapy)


Creative approaches have a splendid tendency to get to the heart of it, there is something remarkably powerful about moving away from words and into a non verbal and intuitive level of expressing and experiencing. Here people tend to find themselves less armored and therefore more open to exploration and growth work. Working in this way helps open and broaden the material you are working on, offering fresh perspectives and insights. Doodling, shaping clay, using stones and pebbles or other objects to indicate relationship dynamics, creative storytelling, visualising or other methods can be offered. Absolutely no creative merit needed!

Creative Dream Exploration (Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts)

We all dream and many of us have found ourselves baffled with these images and symbols that visit us in the night. Dreams are indeed baffling to our waking consciousness and they escape interpretation, yet they can yield rich material for exploration. Weaving an expressive arts approach with focusing oriented arts therapy we can explore your rich dream world for personal meaning, value and healing.  

Body Oriented and Mindful Awareness - (Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy) 

I have yet to meet anyone who does not feel emotions in their body, we all do! Body oriented approaches invite you to connect with inner content that may be emotional, sensory or symbolic that is held in your body. By strengthening your ability to recognise and tune into your bodily wisdom you open up into a vast source of rich inner knowing. Tapping into this stream of information can increase your intuition, reliance on your 'gut instinct' and help you to make more clear decisions.

Mindful awareness supports you to quieten your mind, sink into present experiencing and connect with your inner experience without judgement; offering a friendly and curious attitude to whatever arrises.  This is an especially good practice for busy professionals or busy mums who never get any down time!

Psycho-therapeutic Energy Work - (Emotional Freedom Techniques)


This pioneering approach takes 'the edge off' previously big emotional memories, works quickly to identify root issues and causes of emotional disturbance and offers huge emotional relief in a significantly shorter time than traditional talk therapy. 


Energy psychology and the resultant therapeutic advancements are at the cutting edge of new developments in the field. The fusion of Western talk therapy and Eastern energy meridian therapy results in techniques that can help people to delve deep into the unknown, much like in hypnosis, and retrieve depth material, change and resolve inner turmoil and conflict, and transform inner beliefs and programming.