'Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness' 

Gene Gendlin

  Angela's Philosophy & Approach to Change


So many of us spend a lifetime running away from, concealing or covering up our wounds, hurts, disappointments, truest feelings and our greatest hopes and wishes. I propose another way, the opposite of denial, sidestepping, leaning on defences or insipid positive thinking which all mask and skim over the truth. I propose courageously facing what is truly present. 


You can deny, repress and distort your wounds and vulnerabilities for a lifetime. You can spend all your money on get-better-quick-practices or hide away in a monastery, but it won't mean a thing if you don't do the deeper work. Your emotional material is right there where you left it, untouched and unspoken. Ruling your life and controlling your choices. 


These parts of yourself, or your experience, that you may want to deny, those parts are alive within you and they want to be heard, felt and seen. As long as you ignore those parts within you they will make their presence known by leaking out in angry outbursts, in mood swings, in overwhelm and relationship tensions. However, when you give a voice to those difficult places, tender stories and hurts, they will open to the possibility of positive forward movement and growth. They relax and soften. 


Change occurs not from a process of force or will, but from making space to soften to what is, while gently holding your vision for the future. The paradox then is that when you open to the fullness of the truth within you, you create the conditions for natural, authentic and deep inner change.


I will guide you to enter a process of courageously surrendering to what is within you. In creating the conditions where you feel safe to deepen into your inner landscape, while strengthening your ability, step by step, to bear witness and give voice to the fullness of your story and inner experience; everything within you has the possibility to shift and transform.


In the spirit of radical acceptance, I do not diagnose and I do not label. I am not trained to do so and nor would I want to. In my experience labels become solid constructs which limit and restrain natural change. I work from the understanding that we are intricate, complex and each of us entirety unique. I will work with you with fresh eyes and an open heart. Always working with you from exactly where you are, following you step by step.

You are capable of deep and lasting inner change and when we work together, I will support you to reconnect with and strengthen your inner resources, expanding your capacity for personal growth, self-development and inner change. 


I do not have the solutions to your problems, or offer advice, but I will help you to gain clarity and insight and to move towards the solutions you choose for yourself.