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I will guide you to enter a process of courageously surrendering to what is within you. In creating the conditions where you feel safe to deepen into your inner landscape, while strengthening your ability, step by step, to bear witness and give voice to the fullness of your story and inner experience; everything within you has the possibility to shift and transform.


In the spirit of radical acceptance, I do not diagnose and I do not label. I am not trained to do so and nor would I want to. In my experience labels become solid constructs which limit and restrain natural change. I work from the understanding that we are intricate, complex and each of us entirety unique. I will work with you with fresh eyes and an open heart. Always working with you from exactly where you are, following you step by step.

You are capable of deep and lasting inner change and when we work together, I will support you to reconnect with and strengthen your inner resources, expanding your capacity for personal growth, self-development and inner change. 


I do not have the solutions to your problems, or offer advice, but I will help you to gain clarity and insight and to move towards the solutions you choose for yourself. 

The Benefits of Counselling and Therapy 


  • Moving on from difficult emotions

  • Coming to terms with past experiences

  • Learning to become hospitable to inner difficulties

  • Develop new perspectives, insights and understanding

  • Reconnecting with your personal power

  • Increasing skills for intimacy and connection

  • Clarifying of life-path and purpose



  • Deepening your connection with self and others 

  • Cultivating self-compassion

  • Daring to revise life choices and decisions

  • Experiencing more clarity and clearer decision making overall

  • Living from a place of increased authenticity

  • Finding your true path

  • Feeling  more joy and appreciation of life 

  • Renewing passion and spark for life

Turn this into a bog??


I often get asked the question what ACTUALLY happens in a coaching session?? So I thought I'd answer that here.... 


A typical coaching session follows an optimum structure, supporting you to journey through the session with self-awareness, exploration, insight, clarity, commitment and action.


At the session start, you will be offered the space to fully arrive in the present. Attending to your emotional, physical and energetic state, this acknowledgment creates room for presence and deepening awareness... 

Then we move into exploration around the previous week's movements, wins, or hurdles, and we reality check your level of integrity with your goals. What have you moved forward with, what has been completed, where are you in relation to your desired outcome?


This naturally moves into defining the session outcome goal. This is where we move into active coaching, you will be supporting with awareness creation exercises and exploratory questions which will enable deep insight, clarity and action.  You will transform insight into actionable steps and a strategy to get closer to achieving the vision you hold for yourself. Week on week you will be held accountable so that you complete growth tasks and assignments to move you forward.

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