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Supporting healing, wholeness
and growth

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If you're looking for therapeutic or coaching support, I'd be delighted to explore working with you. 

Many of my clients are men and women who appear successful, from the outside they have achieved success but inwardly they want more from life, relationships, and themselves!


As an experienced BACP registered counsellor and more recently a coach trained from an ICF credentialed program, whatever the change is, we will work collaboratively to get you there.

Supporting you to live your best authentic life :

  • Explore your feelings 

  • Learn the art of 'being' with difficulty 

  • Gain insights and new perspectives

  • Get real and stop running from yourself

  • Explore self-acceptance and self-care

  • Connect to the authentic you

  • Take responsibility for your direction

  • Determine your next steps

  • Let go of what is not serving you 

  • Connect to purpose and meaning

  • Revision your future 

  • Move towards your best life

Counselling and Coaching Combined :

You may be unsure if you would be better served by therapy or life coaching. Perhaps you see the value in both, but you are unsure which way to go...


Typically counselling focuses on the past and present and the work moves towards emotional well-being and healing, whereas coaching is future-orientated reaching towards goals and focusing on inner resources and wellness. To my mind, there are obvious limits to separating the human experience and helping services in this way...


It's likely that you want to move through the limitations of the past, improve your emotional well-being,  and  look toward a brighter future, unleashing your full potential ... 


The combination of counselling and coaching that I offer allows for your life coaching to have a therapeutic element, and for your therapy to move toward something more practical and proactive. We can travel the whole terrain together...

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