Supporting healing, wholeness
and growth

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I'm Angela McDonnell, I offer online and in-person counselling and therapeutic coaching to assist you on your journey towards healing and growth.

With 15+ years of training and experience holding therapeutic and transformational space, I can support you to accept, express, regulate, make sense of, and transform your life...


So you can get things back on track! 

Awaken the Seeds of Change :

  • Explore your feelings 

  • Learn the art of 'being' with difficulty 

  • Gain insights and new perspectives

  • Get real and stop running from yourself

  • Explore self-acceptance and self-care

  • Connect to the authentic you

  • Take responsibility for your direction

  • Determine your next steps

  • Let go of what is not serving you 

  • Connect to purpose and meaning

  • Revision your future 

  • Move towards your best life

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