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Rest, relax and reset

Healing Sessions

Multimodality Healing Sessions 

With energy, crystal, and sound.

During healing sessions, you will be offered a bespoke combination of modalities guided by experience and intuition. Healing sessions are available online and in person.

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Who Can Benefit from a Healing Session? 


Anyone can benefit from a healing session! If you're feeling down or low on energy, if life is getting on top of you and you're feeling stressed out, if you're anxious or your mind is troubling you, if you're in pain, or perhaps you need an energy boost, rest and reset... or you're just curious and you're craving some self-care and pamper time ...

Crystal Healing   


Crystals each have an individual energy signature, frequency, and healing character. With this in mind, crystals can interact with and positively effect your life force energy, bioenergy field, and stimulate the flow of emotions in the direction of healing. 

During a crystal healing session, crystals are intentionally placed on or around your body or placed in your hands, crystal grids may also be created on or around the body for further healing amplification. 


Sound Healing   

Sound healing is the use of vibration and frequency to unblock, clear and release stagnant energies and emotion, offering balance, calm and uplifting vibes...

Various forms of therapeutic and sacred sound may be offered to you from Tibetan singing bowls, drumming, solfeggio tuning forks, rattles, and /or carefully selected pre-recording healing music ...



Booking Details

Healing sessions last up to 1 hour and can be booked as a stand-alone powerful experience, or booked as mini bundles.

The mini bundle will suit you if you have something specific that you want to work on. The bundle offers the opportunity to journey more deeply and to get to know one another, and in turn receive bespoke advice and guidance to continue your healing journey beyond the session times.  



Energy Healing with Holy Fire Reiki® 


Holy Fire® is a relatively new form of Reiki that was developed and brought to our conscious awareness by William Lee Rand and the International Centre for Reiki Training. Holy Fire® supports deep and profound levels of healing, providing unconditional guidance, purification, and empowerment, whilst also being gentle. 

Fees   x 1 45-minute Intuitive Healing Session - 45x 3 45-minute Intuitive Healing Sessions - 120

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