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Moving Forward Literally and Figuratively

Walk and Talk -
Therapy and Coaching

Walk and Talk Therapy and Coaching


So what is walk and talk? Instead of meeting online or sitting in my therapy or consulting room, you and I will take a walk side by side. You might think of this as therapy or coaching in motion. Of course, there is the possibility of finding a place to sit outside in nature too.


Being outside 'in nature' can help us appreciate and connect with something 'greater than us', this often supports the process in ways that are hard to describe.


If the 'something greater than you' concept doesn't resonate, then bringing it right back to basics, walk and talk therapy and coaching sessions offer all the benefits of counselling and coaching coupled with the soothing balm of walking in a beauty spot, movement, and gentle exercise. 


 Why Choose a Walk and Talk Service?

Walking in Versoix, Switzerland. Walk and Talk Therapy.
  • Incorporate movement into your schedule.  


  • Walking can help you to open up and relax.


  • Walking spurs creative, deeper ways of thinking

  • The simple act of walking while talking about life creates an environment of possibility and change.

  • People of all levels of fitness can benefit from fresh air and exercise.

  • Physical activity improves your mood and overall wellness.

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