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What Happens in Therapy Sessions? 


Talk Therapy

I will support you to drop deeper into your experience, to get beneath the usual way of talking about your problem. Together we will explore what is really going on for you, helping you gain more understanding and insight into your emotions, thoughts and behaviour. You will have the time to feel, talk, cry, or just think. It's an opportunity to give yourself the time to work things out. 

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Somatic and Creative Expressive Approaches


There are a number of illuminating and exploratory 'beyond words' approaches that I might introduce you to. These body-oriented and creative methods are useful when you can't find the right words, when you feel 'stuck', or if you're skilled at using words to mask, hide or minimise your problem. Your body and your creative process can offer enormous wisdom, supporting you to process things through a new lens, offering the possibility for deep insight, new perspectives and inspired next steps (zero creative talent required!).

Therapeutic Tasks

I may invite you to experiment with any number, or combination of, therapeutic tasks: emotional freedom techniques, therapeutic journaling, drawing or doodling, symbolic 'play', writing a letter/s, mindfulness or committing to taking a walk. There are many interesting and illuminating resources and therapeutic exercises that you might find useful and many people enjoy.  

Therapeutic Coaching 

After working together for some time, when we have got a lot of what was 'in the way' of your moving forward 'out of the way', I may support you to claim what you really want for yourself. Helping you refine and set goals, plan the next steps, and move forward...

I am a BACP Registered  Integrative Counsellor and Coach. I offer a holistic, metaphysical approach to mind-body healing and growth, weaving talk therapy, energy psychology, creative process, somatic awareness, positive psychology, and therapeutic coaching, to fully assist you on ou on your journey towards healing and growth. I work with the knowledge that that the mind, body and spirit are interconnected. 

Counselling and Coaching Combined :

You may be unsure if you would be better served by therapy or life coaching. Perhaps you see the value in both, but you are unsure which way to go...


Typically counselling focuses on the past and present and the work moves towards emotional well-being and healing, whereas coaching is future-orientated reaching towards goals and focusing on inner resources and wellness. To my mind, there are obvious limits to separating the human experience and helping services in this way...


It's likely that you want to move through the limitations of the past, improve your emotional well-being,  and  look toward a brighter future, unleashing your full potential ... 


The combination of counselling and coaching that I offer allows for your life coaching to have a therapeutic element, and for your therapy to move toward something more practical and proactive. We can travel the whole terrain together...

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